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Grievance Policy & Personal Code of Conduct

Grievance Policy review:
The Board of Directors encourages members of the American Haflinger Registry to communicate questions or concerns to the Regional Director and/or the posted Committee chair for review and resolution. Issues may be presented to the Board of Directors as necessary.

Effective February 1, 2020,
Formal grievances can be filed as follows:
• Grievance is shared in writing to the Board via US mail to the AHR office within 15 days of the incident
• Grievance fee of $50, payable to AHR (personal check or money order), which will be refunded if the grievance is upheld
• Grievance must include: name, date, location, time, and AHR members involved; the signature of the AHR member filing the grievance; a detailed accounting of the grievance; all relevant documentation; and contact information for witness(es) and supporting materials
• Grievance should include a desired result/outcome

Additional grievance information:
• Grievance will be treated as confidential by all parties until resolution
• Grievances aired in public via social media in a manner that is harmful to the American Haflinger Registry or cause unrest among the membership will not be considered
• Members breaching confidentiality are subject to action under the Personal Code of Conduct
• AHR Board of Directors will acknowledge properly-filed grievances within 15 days of receipt
• AHR Board of Directors will investigate all properly-filed grievances and render a decision within 45 days of receipt
• AHR Board of Directors may request additional information from the concerned party or other witnesses as necessary.
• A one-time 30-day extension may be employed by the AHR Board of Directors if additional time is needed to investigate the grievance
• Should a protest be directed at any current AHR Board of Director, that director will be recused from investigating and deciding on the resolution of the grievance
• Decisions by the AHR Board of Directors will be final

Personal Code of Conduct review:
Effective February 1, 2020,
Based on Article IV Section 1 items 2 & 4 of the Bylaws, American Haflinger Registry members will be held to the same standards as previously approved by the membership for the Board of Directors. The Personal Conduct Code expects that members will:
• Follow registry decisions
• Work with the registry in ways to promote a positive representation of the Haflinger breed
• Publicly reflect the diversity of the breed, a positive image of the registry, and be welcoming to all Haflinger enthusiasts

Members who violate this Code of Conduct may be subject to disciplinary actions including penalties up to suspension or revocation of membership privileges.