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Futurity Rules

AHR Members, Breeders and Futurity Participants,

The Futurity Committee has undertaken a full review of AHR Futurity rules and regulations with the objective of updating the rules and to establish a set of rules that will work for the long-term, with limited or no changes from year to year. The Committee has made significant progress in this project and prior to finalization would like direct input on the changes from the people that matter most – you. The Committee and the Board will host a meeting open to all Friday evening of the Spring Sale, following the preview and Stallion Showcase to solicit your thoughts and feedback on the proposed changes. The exact location and time of the meeting will be announced at the sale activities on Friday. Please review the attached documents and help us build the future with your input.

If you are unable to attend, please feel free to contact any of the Board members or the Committee Chair, Robert Eicher . Thank you in advance for your support and participation.

Respectfully submitted

Chuck Hendershot – AHR Board President Robert Eicher – Futurity Committee Chair

Futurity Rules – Committee Mark-Up

Futurity Rule Proposals

Updated for 2015 – Please review carefully!

  1. All Horses must be AHR registered.

  2. To become eligible, and maintain eligibility, enrollments must be submitted by August 1st of each year.

  3. Change of ownership does not affect eligibility unless payments are not made.

  4. Weanlings may enroll until December 31 st of their birth year at the normal weanling fee of $30 without penalty, until the end of 2014. Beginning with the 2015 futurity – to make a foal eligible for the futurity mares must be nominated by December 31 st of the year the mare is bred. The fee will be $20. Foals from mares not nominated could still become eligible for the futurity if paid up by August 1 st of the year born. However, foal nomination fee would be doubled to $60 instead of $30.

  5. Weanlings must enroll by August 1st to show at the AHR Futurity Show in the Fall, however, late show entries would be accepted through August 31st at double enrollment fee. No show entries accepted on or after September 1st of the show year.

  6. Previously paid up yearlings, two-year olds, and three-year olds, must re-enroll annually by August 1st to remain eligible to show at the annual AHR Futurity Show, however, late show entries would be accepted through August 31st at double enrollment fee. No show entries accepted on or after September 1st of the show year.

  7. If not enrolled by August 1st, previously paid-up yearlings and two-year olds may re-enroll at double the enrollment fee until December 31st to remain eligible for the following year.

  8. A yearling that has not been previously enrolled may enroll by August 1st of its yearling year for $120. A two year old that was enrolled as a weanling but not paid up as a yearling, may re-enroll by August 1st of its 2 year old year for $150.

  9. In order to compete in the Futurity, owners must provide proof of current negative Coggins test dated within six months. Interstate Health certificate (or official Certificate of Veterinary Inspection) is required for each entered horse to compete.

  10. There will be two divisions: Hitch or Sport for horses one-year old and older. Each horse may show in only one division. However, the weanling class will not be divided into Hitch or Sport. They will all show in one division.

  11. Each entry of yearlings and older horses must declare either Hitch or Sport division by August 1st. and cannot be changed until the following year.

  12. It is recommended that weanlings and sport yearlings be shown in brown leather halter and lead. Sport two and three-year olds may be shown in brown leather bridles and snaffle bit.

  13. It is recommended that hitch entrants be shown in white patent leather halter and lead.

  14. All horses are expected to be properly cleaned and groomed. Clipping, braiding and hoof polish are optional.

  15. No weanlings or sport yearlings can be shod.

  16. Handlers must be appropriately attired. No blue jeans in the show ring please.

  17. All horses in each age group, in each division, will be asked to walk, trot, and stand for
    inspection. Sport entries will be asked to show on the triangle.

  18. Halter classes will be judged on conformation and movement. Consideration of manners will be at the judge’s discretion. The judge reserves the right to excuse any horse displaying obvious lameness or danger.

  19. When the start of any class is delayed by horses or handlers not ready to perform, the class may be closed at the order of the judge or the show manager provided a warning is issued and the competitor is given 3 minutes to appear at the in-gate ready to participate.

  20. Two-year olds must show in a halter class and may show in the two-year old futurity driving class. Ribbons and payouts will be awarded in each class.

  21. Three-year olds must show in a halter class and must either ride or drive in order to be eligible for championship and payout. Two or four wheeled vehicles may be used in the driving class. The ridden class will include both western and English styles of riding. Ribbons will be awarded in each class, however, there will be no payouts for individual three-year old classes. Performance and halter results for three-year olds will be combined to determine overall payouts and an overall Champion and Reserve Champion. In case of a tie, the best halter placing will determine the winner.

  22. Payouts and ribbons will be awarded through six places unless fewer than six horses are shown. The first ten horses will be placed and ribbons awarded.

  23. Weanling, yearling, and two-year old accumulated funds will be paid to exhibitors by proportional calculation. The total payout per age group will be divided by the total number of horses entered in that age group, both Hitch or Sport. The resulting figure is multiplied by the number of horses actually entered in each respective division (hitch/sport). Payouts for weanling, yearling and two-year old classes will be as follows: 1 st(35%), 2n (25%), 3 rd (15%), 4 th (10%), 5 th (8%), 6 th (7%). If fewer than 6 entries are shown in the class, unpaid earnings will be carried over to the next year for the respective age group (i.e. 2005 yearling amount carried over to the 2006 two-year old pot). The three-year old class is a 100% payout.

  24. The SIP calculation formula: 85% of the funds will be awarded to the weanlings, 10% to the Stallion of the year and 5% to the Reserve Stallion of the year.

  25. In operating procedures: Expenses to be divided on a per horse basis equally between the age groups. Stallion service auction money will all go into the 3 yr old Futurity.

  26. Any outstanding fees (i.e. stabling) owed by the owner must be paid in full before payout checks will be awarded.

  27. The judge’s decision is final.