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Judges Program

Designation as an AHR-approved judge is a privilege, not a right, bestowed by the Judge’s Committee according to procedures formulated by it, to individuals whose equine expertise and personal character merit the honor. An individual’s conduct as a member, exhibitor and judge, and his ability must be exemplary. A judge shall judge an AHR- approved event in accordance with all rules, regulations, directives, and guidelines issued by AHR. A judge shall honestly, fairly and impartially judge each horse exhibited to him or her, strictly on the horse’s conformation and /or its performance as the rules of the particular event dictate. An individual’s conduct as a member, exhibitor and judge must be exemplary; is subject to continual Judge’s Committee review; and such designation is revocable by the Judge’s Committee with or without notice and formal hearing, subject only to ultimate review by the AHR Board of Directors.

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(Revised October 2007)

IMPORTANT NOTE: This AHR Judges Program is aimed at the development and improvement of in-hand judges only! AHR does not have the expertise to train riding or driving judges. That must come from other resources.


Apply by completing the JUDGE APPLICATION FORMS including Personal Information, References, Haflinger History and Judging Information. Receive approval from the AHR Judges Committee.

  • Must have actively participated with breeding/training/showing of a major equine breed or in a recognized performance discipline for not less than five years, two of which must have included hands-on involvement with the Haflinger breed.A Bachelor’s degree in Equine studies can replace three years of experience but not the Haflinger two years.
    Applicant must hold a current or Senior Judge or Senior Instructor/Examiner Card for ADS, USAE, USEF, AQHA, IBPA, PHBA, or other national equine organization, (verification required.)


  • Applicant must participate in two AHR sanctioned Judge’s Clinics.
  • Applicant must be conversant with the AHR Haflinger Breed Standard, and have sufficient knowledge of the AHR Handbook of Rules to assist show management in meeting responsibilities of rule compliance.COMPLETION of the above qualifies the applicant as a Carded Learner Judge. This is a required first step in progress toward Senior or Senior C Judge status.


Candidate must participate in a third AHR clinic.

  • Those with a current card from another equine organization shall judge/classify 25 Haflingers in the presence of an AHR Senior C Judge at an AHR approved show/classification, or be the official scribe at one Classification. Those without an outside card shall do 50 Haflingers, and/or scribe two Classifications.
  • Provide one recommendation from a current AHR Senior C Judge who is to fill out and turn in the Judge Evaluation sheet.
  • Be completely conversant with the AHR Breed Standard including any recent modifications, the AHR detailed two-page scorecard, and the AHR Handbook of Rules in order to judge and assist show management in meeting responsibilities of rule compliance.
  • Have an updated resume and judging record on file with the Judges Committee.
  • Successfully complete a private, personal Judging Review as described below.


NOTE: Not all Senior Judges desire to become involved with Classification. Those who do aspire to C status must make the desire known to the Judges Committee. Approval of attempt to qualify will come from the Judges Committee after consultation with the Inspection & Classification Committee.

Candidate must have met all requirements for Senior Judge status, per above.

  • Candidate must participate in the Classification of no less than 100 Haflingers (which includes those previously classified to obtain Senior status) as a co-judge or stand-behind the presiding judge or AHR Senior C Judge who must approve the candidate’s scorecards. This requirement is best fulfilled by attending one large European Classification of Haflingers in Tirol, Austria or another country (approved in advance) using the 100 point system; or by attending sufficient Classifications in North America with the same requirements regarding participation and acknowledgement.
  • Successfully complete a private, personal judging review as described below.

PRIVATE PERSONAL JUDGING REVIEW. This shall be done at a mutually agreeable time and location, arranged by the Chair of the Judge’s Committee. The review with the candidate shall be conducted by the chairs of the Judges and I&C Committees, and/or their designees. In no case will the reviewing panel contain fewer than two Senior C judges. The crux of the review will be for the candidate to score and explain in detail that scoring of not less than three horses to the satisfaction of the reviewing panel. This same panel may ask any other questions they deem appropriate in order to feel confident of the candidate’s knowledge of and ability to apply sound principles in the Inspection & Classification and/or show judging of Haflinger horses.


Senior and Senior C judges must participate in at least one AHR approved clinic every two years.

  • Provide to the Judges Committee one show manager evaluation form from a show judged in which Haflinger classes were offered – every three years.
  • Update personal file with the Judges Committee each year.
  • Privately review annually Haflinger Breed Standards, Scorecard, and AHR Handbook of Rules.

It is important that everyone in any and all stages of the judges program recognize that it is each individual’s responsibility to submit required materials and keep their file current with the Judges Committee!! Neither the Committee nor the Office Staff of AHR will be coming to you for follow-up. THAT IS YOUR JOB!

For more information contact:
Judge’s Committee Chairperson
John Dunkel

AHR Judge’s Accreditation Rules

Reference Letter Forms: Character | AHR Member | Judge

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