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Ambassador Submission Form

Download the Ambassador Submission Form here, or submit your points below! Deadline for submitting points is January 31, 2017. Not enrolled yet? Sign up here! It’s FREE for members! Contact AHR office at 330-784-0000 or for questions.

Beginning in 2016, points will be posted and continually updated throughout the year, so submit often to see your progress!

If you need to enter points for more than one event (or multiple activity types at one event), simply complete the form and submit as many times as needed.

Participant's Name:*
Horse Name:*
Horse Reg. Number:*
If driving multiples, submit one form for each horse driven at an event.
Fill out the blanks below, or upload your scanned tracking form here. Make sure to hit SUBMIT at the bottom!
Activity Start Date:*
End Date: (if multiple days)
Activity Type:*
Number of Days Participated:*
Total Points for Activity:*
Description of Activity:*
Verify You're Human: