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Golden Path Progress

Milestones: 25, 50, 100, 200, 500, 750, 1000, 1500, 2000, 2500, 3000, 3500, 4000, and 5000 hours

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Hours updated through 10/20/17. Horses enrolled in 2016 have automatically been re-enrolled for 2017. Horses shaded in gray were not enrolled in 2016 and need to enroll. For changes of ownership, simply fill out a new enrollment form.

Total Hours Horse Owner Milestones
155 A Blizzard HCA Candiss Hunsicker 100 Hours
10 A Lot of Mulan AHRH Tony Matheny
9.75 A Trinity MHS Linda Parsons
424.62 A Windy Rozene MHS Karrin Rose Rebecca 200 Hours
60.5 Abalon BWS Suzanne Morisse 50 Hours
Abed-Nego CRHF Suzanne Morisse
Accidental Arrangement Linda Parsons
215 Ada Anemone Janet Milo 200 Hours
87 Admiral S-SN Erin Beth Remley 50 Hours
778.71 Admirer Brian and Dana Mitteer 750 Hours
25.5 Aftershock MJW Jacquelyn Woodward 25 Hours
Alamo Jo CSS Amanda Spivack
237.28 Alf TC Cynthia Bates 200 Hours
Allison of the Valley AD-EL Laurie Hadacek
78.75 Amazing Gold MMH Jacque Woodward 50 Hours
8 Amber Jack TMHF Lisa Matheny
4.5 Amedee MHS Robert McMillan
1122 American Eagle GA Carol Anne Carpenter 1000 Hours
145.5 Ameriprize of Showme Brian and Dana Mitteer 100 Hours
Amy of Cedar Lane Michelle Harper
153.5 Anastasia of KHA Jessica Hanney 100 Hours
1770 Anchor Man Leslie King 1500 Hours
Ancore of Genesis Michelle Harper
237.28 Archie TC Cynthia Bates 200 Hours
4.5 Armani KCH Linda Parsons
20 Attention to Detail of Genesis Suzanne Morisse
31 Authentic Rock MJW Jacque Woodward 25 Hours
40.25 Autobahn of Genesis Jessica Hanney 25 Hours
Avion of Genesis Lisa & Amanda LaRoe
117.2 Axel Foley KCH Sydney Kerr 100 Hours
3 Balladeer WRR Carolyn Gilmore
Benji MOF Carolyn Gilmore
Berkshire’s Tradition HNMH Troi Harrell
156.5 Bonita Rox PA Brian and Dana Mitteer 100 Hours
15.5 Bonnie Brie of Showme Brian and Dana Mitteer
Bregenz HOS Karen Donn Cowan
By Design of Genesis Karin Lehman
Cadillac Cutie Laurie Hadacek
123 Cahinnio K Kate Mas 100 Hours
14 Cha Lie-A-Star Saige Matheny
161.18 Charming Rose LRS Pem Buck 100 Hours
212.5 Cheri Lynn Rose CEH Amy Hanney 200 Hours
92 Crista CEH Brian and Dana Mitteer 50 Hours
Crystal A&M Megan Haas
1.5 Crystal of Excellence YRF Amy Hanney
8 Demeter Wulf Mike Hanson
9 Emadora HOF Brian and Dana Mitteer
Faiola EMS Anthony Matheny
Gemini’s Impression TOF Diana Spaulding
97.58 Girlie John Zajicek 50 Hours
82.25 Grace’s Irish Lass DNHF Stephanie Wilson 100 Hours
495.25 Heart-A-Gold PA Jane Kristersson 200 Hours
Heisey GFH Dana McQuade
159.25 Jennifer NKA Marilyn Ulicny 100 Hours
35.747 Kit Kat Bar Lynn Bailey 25 Hours
197.56 La Belle HSH Pamela Corley 100 Hours
23.08 Lacey’s Lauralei CBF Stacy Laws
2.5 Lade Da BRH James/Melinda Ingalls
54 Lady Aphesian Juli McGonnell 50 Hours
798.5 La-Fonda-Gold MMH Peggy Patterson-Cini 750 Hours
Lana CVA Cynthia Bates
Laura WOF Martha Gugel
265 Lexi MDH Juli McGonnell 200 Hours
3.2 Lexi’s Lil Lady HCPH Carol Scott
19.33 Lilac CVA Cynthia Bates
59.75 Lillia Von Manngold Diana K McMaster 50 Hours
36.5 Lily O’Brien of Showme Brian and Dana Mitteer 25 Hours
33.75 Luann DARH Brian and Dana Mitteer 25 Hours
Lucky Lady MID Helen Harrington
9.08 Lucky Lightning MHS Karrin Rebecca
114.75 Luscious Lily MMS Brian and Dana Mitteer 100 Hours
176.18 Magical Lights WRF Lydia Ingalls 100 Hours
540.25 Major Cory’s Cliff SUNRA Valerie Blethen 500 Hours
136.5 Major’s Amigo KH Ray Mansur 100 Hours
1011 Mandolin HBR Janilyn Kooy 1000 Hours
34.3 Manfred Diane Mansur 25 Hours
97 Mariposita Stephanie Wilson 50 Hours
152.75 Marone’s Mack RWF Maryann Hagan 100 Hours
Mastic JMT Ellie Harmon
43 Maximum Exposure YES Wendy Soucy 25 Hours
33.83 Megan BAH Darcy Fudge & Robert Kamal 25 Hours
53.75 Melvis RDP Megan Haas 50 Hours
321.25 M-Erik Van Den Horse Haleigh Gantner 200 Hours
68.75 Merino MMH Diana K McMaster 50 Hours
305.75 Mia Lisa TOF Richards, Judy 200 Hours
123.62 Mirabella Mist Diane Zajicek 100 Hours
Miss ALfa AHF Martha Gugel
1012.75 Miss America TMA Twila Herot 1000 Hours
78.917 Miss June Bug Diane Zajicek 50 Hours
5.583 Mister Mawby SV Rebecca Kuc
Mitzi MOF Carolyn Gilmore
14 Mitzi’s Mandolyn WRR Carolyn Gilmore
Mitzi’s Sunday Song Carolyn Gilmore
12 ML Maximus Ellie Harmon
382.5 Moonwalker of SSH Katherine Culbert 200 Hours
52.83 Moritz HA Shannon Cain 50 Hours
Movin Car RWF Ray & Diane Mansur
73.75 Mr. Tee BAH John Zajicek 50 Hours
6 Mr. Tomy Haflinger MUD Mike Hanson
247 Mt Aztec Gold MMS Tracy DiSabato-Aust 200 Hours
15.5 Nacho New of Showme Brian and Dana Mitteer
Nadia SDH Susie Haszelbart
Neeon Cynthia Bates
213.08 Neon Fire HIS Diane Mansur 200 Hours
147.17 New Champion ODA Raymond or Diane Mansur 100 Hours
New Magic SUNRA Martha Gugel
65.5 Nice and Big LVH Emma Kane 50 Hours
Nickel BFH Amy Marolt-Alred
55 Nick’s Condena/Cntry Rd Maryann Hagan 50 Hours
1856.58 Nifty Nevie GRS Amy Wallace 1500 Hours
No Blaze LVH Susie Haszelbart
Noble Hero RCB Cynthia Bates
67.97 Nordlicht FVH Merle Klopfenstein 50 Hours
Norma Jean MW Susie Haszelbart
17.15 Radiance of New Horizons Victoria Morrissey
Rowena GHJ Brian and Dana Mitteer
88 Sabreena Sue CRHF Suzanne Morisse 50 Hours
2883.75 Scharly M&B Laura Huth Afana 2500 Hours
Shasta Susie Haszelbart
21.75 Shrona Diana DeSpain
13 Sinna Jacquelyn Woodward
Skipper CAH Ty Woodward
15.25 Stardust BSH Debbie Jackson
Star Superior Amanda Spivack
State of the Art of New Horizons Martha Gugel
106.25 Stu Sable JH Mores, Nancy 100 Hours
33.533 Stylish HOF June Ayers 25 Hours
Sucha Doll RWF Anna Haszelbart
33.25 Sunny TLF Beth Britton 25 Hours
3.08 Sunrise Nell DMF Cynthia Bates
166.5 Syndee New of Showme Brian and Dana Mitteer 100 Hours
Synthia of Excellence MHF Brian and Dana Mitteer
171.75 Velda WULF Jane Kristersson 100 Hours
Waltzing Johnny SGH Donna Burlo
56.33 Waltzing Willie BBF Joy Cailouette Bolt 50 Hours
312 Warrior Classic Tim Beal 200 Hours
60.25 Washington S-SN Amy Hanney 50 Hours
402 Wilman S-SN Kathleen Beal 200 Hours
8.13 Wil-Von Mikas RVH Tara Williamson
387.25 Wiston WML Sue Kuzelka 200 Hours
52 Wiz Bang LMP Tracy DiSabato-Aust 50 Hours
0 W-Moos S-SN Kasia Basternak
8.75 Wonder Lady DARH Melissa Downs
129.75 Wyndsong Annie Rose Marie Whiteker 100 Hours
35 Absolut WDF Debbie Poston 25 Hours
109 Absolutely Alert MO-VA-HAF Tracy DiSabato-Aust 100 Hours
436 Adean SNA Rachel Larsen 200 Hours
11.5 Ahmay Jour of Showne Dana Mitteer
11.25 Ahmay Ore of Showme Dana Mitteer
5 Alamina AFH Brian Mitteer
10.25 All Charm PGF Jacque Woodward
10 Alpine Rock MJW Jacque Woodward
174 Al’s Arrow DARH Juli McGonnell 100 Hours
764 American Express FAH Jordan Lane 500 Hours
77.25 Antonio Rose of Lilac Farm Katelyn Bergey 50 Hours
275.5 A-Star HHHD Victoria Beelik 200 Hours
114.5 Baccar NTF Maureen Morlang 100 Hours
91.5 Baylee Cream of Showme Dana Mitteer 50 Hours
6.75 Bethany’s Beauty PA Dana Mitteer
42.25 Cocoa Chanel Erin Wilson 25 Hours
62 Fleesha CHA Twila Herot 50 Hours
16.25 Fransisca GVS Brian Mitteer
412 Lizzy FAFH Barbara Edwards 200 Hours
895.75 M an M CRHF Sydnee Lane 750 Hours
1601.75 Mariko FLH Marjorie Pucket 1500 Hours
330.61 Maty TCF Hilary DeAngelis 200 Hours
1008 Miss Couture MLF Jordan Lane 1000 Hours
257.5 Mountain Gold MVR Lisa Pepper 200 Hours
49 Nadal New of Showme Brian Mitteer 25 Hours
131.75 Nascar’s Noble Nate Sharon Coon 100 Hours
85.5 Sharon FLH Dana Mitteer 50 Hours
120 Soba BHF Maureen Morlang 100 Hours
55.25 Victoria PGF Dana Mitteer 50 Hours
116 Wetherby Isabelle Perez 100 Hours
482 Wild Gold MMH Sydnee Lane 200 Hours
986 Winter-Gold MMH Jordan & Sydnee Lane 750 Hours

*Beginning in 2016, horses previously enrolled with multiple riders or drivers will have their hours combined.