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SIP Rules

Spring is here and we are gearing up for this year’s Pot of Gold class at the Fall Futurity Show. In a concerted effort to manage our rising costs, increase stallion participation, and improve class payouts, we have instituted a couple of notable changes in the SIP program starting in 2007.

Traditionally the stallion owner pays an enrollment fee per mare bred in the previous year in order for the current year’s offspring to participate in the Pot of Gold Class. Only offspring who have paid up in the futurity are eligible for the Pot of Gold class, and their futurity enrollment fee covers participation in the SIP class as well. While futurity enrollment is still required for all weanlings in the Pot of Gold class; weanlings will also be required to pay a class fee of $10.00 to participate.

Also new starting in 2007 is a payout for the stallions! Year end placing is determined by the number of points a stallion’s offspring accumulate in the Pot of Gold classes. Prizes and the title of Stallion of the Year will be awarded to the stallion whose offspring have garnered the highest number of points. This year Stallion of the Year will also receive a 10% payback, and the runner up will receive a 5% payback. Stallion payback will be given based on the amount of payout dollars available before class payouts are divided and dispensed.

The deadline to enroll a stallion has been extended to August 1st each year but remember, earlier entry into the program gets the most advertising for the stallion. The list of enrolled stallions is visible on the website and is also included in each issue of the magazine along with owner contact information; so the sooner you enroll, the more free advertising you receive! The cost of enrollment is based upon the number of mares bred in the previous breeding year. Stallion owners, make sure you send in your enrollment fees!

Are you interested in volunteering? We are always on the lookout for interested individuals with a desire to help with fundraising, competitor contact, and enrollment. Have any ideas?

  1. Only current year weanlings that are AHR registered and who are paid up in the regular AHR futurity and who are sired by S.I.P. enrolled stallions are eligible to compete in the S.I.P. (Stallion Incentive Program) class.
  2. S.I.P. stallions must have paid by August 1st, $20 for each mare successfully bred in the previous breeding year.
  3. The S.I.P. “Pot of Gold” Class is $10 and will be held at the AHR Futurity Show.
  4. Weanling owners must enter the S.I.P. class by checking the S.I.P. participant box on the AHR Futurity Enrollment Form.
  5. There will be two divisions: Hitch and Sport.
  6. Weanlings must show in the same division as shown in the regular AHR Futurity.
    No cross-entering between sport and hitch divisions.
  7. S.I.P. Exhibitors must wear the same competitor’s number as assigned by the Futurity (one number per horse).
  8. All weanlings, regardless of age or sex, will be shown together.
  9. All weanlings will be asked to walk, trot and stand for inspection.
  10. At the judge’s discretion, weanlings may be asked to show on the triangle.
  11. Class will be judged on conformation and movement. Consideration of manners will be at the judge’s discretion.
  12. All weanlings are expected to be properly cleaned and groomed.
  13. Clipping is acceptable, but not required.
  14. No weanlings are to be shod.
  15. Hoof polish is acceptable, but not required.
  16. It is recommended that sport weanlings be shown in a well-fitted brown leather halter with matching lead.
  17. It is recommended that hitch weanlings be shown in well-fitted white patent leather halter with matching lead.
  18. Paybacks and ribbons will be presented to ten places unless fewer than 10 weanlings are shown.
  19. No ribbons earned in weanling futurity classes are to be worn in the S.I.P. class.
  20. Exhibitor dress code will be governed by the AHR National Show Rules.
  21. Money will be paid to exhibitors in the ring by proportional calculation (i.e. the total S.I.P. pot is divided by the total number of weanlings actually shown, both hitch and sport. The resulting figure is multiplied by the number of weanlings actually shown in each division, hitch/sport, to determine the total payout for that division.) Payouts in each division are then calculated based on the following percentages: The S.I.P. “Pot of Gold” Class will be a 100% payout class.
  22. The judge’s decision is final.
  23. S.I.P. “Stallion of the Year” awards will be presented to the stallions whose get earn the highest number of accumulated points in the hitch and sport S.I.P. classes.