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AHR Youth

aHRY WRFThe goal of the AHRY (American Haflinger Registry Youth) program is to educate and entertain the younger members of our Haflinger society. Through newsletters and social gatherings at AHR events, AHRY members will gain understanding of the Haflinger breed and feel a sense of belonging within the Haflinger Community. It is our hope that your participation in the AHRY program will lead to enhanced knowledge and lifelong friendships.

All AHRY members are eligible to compete in our contests, with the keystone of our program, being the
D. Lee Wilson Jr. Memorial Scholarship, which is presented annually to a deserving AHRY member. AHRY membership is open to any youth 18 or under (at the time of sign-up) and the annual membership rate is $10. Members need not own a Haflinger but they MUST share a love and interest in the breed!

Benefits of AHRY Membership include:
Quarterly Newsletters
AHRY Contests

Join us!

For questions about our program or to offer assistance, please contact AHRY Committee at