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AHRY High Point Awards

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe AHRY High Point Awards are open to any AHRY member, regardless of age. This contest is geared for the youth who do “anything and everything” with their Haflingers. Everyone is eligible and those who demonstrate great versatility with the breed have the best chances in this contest. To enter, please fill out the High Point Award Application Form. The winners (there may be several in this contest) will receive great prizes and will be recognized in the AHRY Newsletter and the AHR “Haflinger Horse” magazine.

All AHRY High Points Award entries should be received no later than September 1st
Please mail all items to:
AHRY – American Haflinger Registry
PO Box 2690
Akron, Ohio 44309

You may also submit your entries online here:

Do you prefer to ride or drive your Haflingers?*
Please check all the categories that apply to you:*
Please list any Haflinger auctions other than one sponsored by AHR that you attended:
Please list below which horse shows other than the AHR National Show you attended.
Please also list any placements.
Please list below which regional Haflinger organization's ride or drive event you attended:
Please describe how you volunteered at an AHR sponsored event:
Please list organizations of which you're an active member (4-H, USPC, FFA, etc):
Please explain how you trained your Haflinger:
Please explain how you presented information about the Hafilnger in the form of a school report:
Please explain how else you have promoted the Haflinger breed:
Type the letters and numbers in the box: