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Amnesty on Late Registrations!

If you have horses that have never been registered that you would like to get registered, now is the time! The AHR Board has approved an Amnesty program to reduce the costs of registering horses not registered in their weanling year. This program substantially reduces the late registration penalties normally assessed during this limited period, offering you a significant savings in registering your horses.

Send in a registration form, along with hair for DNA in a separate envelope with the horse’s name on the outside, for each horse, including geldings. Payment must accompany the DNA and registration form in the amount of $100.00 (member fee of $30 for registration, $35 for DNA test, and $35 flat charge late fee for each horse being registered). Sire of the horse being registered must have been a licensed stallion in the year the horse was bred. If not, the license fee for the stallion for that year must also be paid to the AHR. This would be $30.
Send to: American Haflinger Registry, PO Box 2690, Akron OH 44309.

You must be an AHR member to take advantage of this offer.

Registration forms can be found on the AHR website at If you have any questions on the program contact a member of the Pedigree committee or the Board of Directors for assistance. Their contact information can be found on the AHR website or in your Haflinger Horse magazine.

This amnesty offer ends July 1, 2018