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Why are there no more sales reports?

The AHR magazine and website will continue to publish sale highlights (averages and high sellers) on a routine basis. The decision to no longer publish all AHR sales results in the magazine or on the website was supported by unanimous BOD decision. Full AHR sales results continue to be available from the AHR office at member request with a charge associated with providing the results. They are available at the sale itself for the attendees to purchase at printing cost without the additional charge for postage or office staff time….

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What is the purpose of the stallion breeding report?

For the AHR office, it helps to verify if a mare was covered by more than one stallion. In the 2004 stallion reports submitted to date, a...

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What did AHR have to raise rates in 2005?

A few AHR members have expressed concern over the recent unanimous BOD decision to raise some of the AHR fees starting in 2005. We want to...

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