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Price List

Fees (U.S. Funds – See note 3 below)
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2020 Membership rates

Full & Associate Members – Due January 1st Annually
$ 65 – Horse Owner Member
$180 – Three-Year Membership
$800 – Life

Registration (see Note 1 below, See # below) Member
(Must be submitted by December 31st of birth year)
$ 30 – Current AHR member
$ 95 – Non member
$ 75 – Imported horse (December 31st does not apply)

Transfer (see Note 2, below)
$ 20 – Current AHR members
$ 85 – Non member

Stallion License** (see reminder below)
$300 – Member
$365 – Non member

Stallion License Annual Renewal Fee
$ 30 – Member
$ 95 – Non-Member

DNA Typing
$ 35 – Member
$100 – Non member

New Suffix Registration
$ 50 – One Time Fee

Replacement Pedigree Certificates
$ 50 – Request must be in writing explaining the reason for the request.

Reprocessing Fee (for paperwork submitted that is incomplete)
$ 10

#: Registration of Domestic Foals after Calendar Year of Birth – $50 for the first year and $35 for ever year thereafter; DNA required.

Note 1: There is a $10.00 per animal discount on Applications for Registration sent to the Registry office and postmarked before the animal is 6 months of age.

Note 2: Applications for Transfer received more than 90 days after date of sale will incur, in addition to the regular fee, a penalty of $25.00.

Note 3: All payments made via MasterCard or Visa will be charged a 3% office processing fee.

**Reminder on Stallion Licensing – All licensed stallions require DNA testing. Foals born on or after 1/1/99 must be sired by a fully licensed stallion in order to be registered. Stallions licensed previously by either HRNA or HAA that have vet inspections (absence of mouth defects and cryptorchidism) and DNA type on file are fully qualified with AHR. Renewal fee due annually by October 25th after year of initial licensing.

Artificial Insemination – Foals born after 1/1/98 that are a result of Artificial Insemination (AI) with semen that is transported from one farm to another must have proof of parentage through DNA typing (foals registered as geldings excluded). All foals from Frozen Semen must be DNA typed.

Minimum Breeding Age– The minimum breeding age for both mares and stallions is three (3) years. Age is determined from January 1 st of the year of birth.