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Inspection Sites Wanted!

Inspection Sites Wanted!




It is time to start planning the Inspection and Classification of your special Haflingers! The first step is to determine potential program sites. (The procedure calls for this step to be completed by Dec. 31, 2016). Site location, site requests should be accompanied by a Site Registration Form which includes an individual or organization who will assume the responsibility of contact person and obtaining further information regarding site and committed number of horses. It is imperative that the participation must be sufficient to cover all program costs.

Upon receipt of the requests, the committee will review and announce all potential sites by the end of January 2017. At that time each host group will be ask to supply firm numbers of horses to participate at the respective locations.

Based on all of the above the committee will publish site location, dates and judges by April 1, 2017.

Questions and request should be directed to the following:
Bill Hendershot, 607-504-5076,
Melanie Cornman, 717-891-1639,
Mary Procopio, 517-410-8000,