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About Haflinger Horse Magazine
Featuring coverage of topics which are of interest of Haflinger owners, including articles on Haflinger history, health, training, sport and hitch use, and timely general interest pieces
Coverage by Regional Associations of localized Haflinger – related events
Topical features from industry professionals, trainers and veterinarians
Regular columns such as the “Haflinger History” and “Golden Greetings”
Primed results from Haflinger Sales and Shows
Regular Classifieds Advertising, plus Advertising from all aspects of the equine industry
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Haflinger Horse magazine is mailed to and accessed online by over 1300 homes on a quarterly basis. Our readers are located throughout the United States and Canada, with the largest concentration living in the eastern United States. Haflinger Horse magazine is distributed to all Haflinger Registry members and is also available to readers on a subscription basis.

The American Haflinger Registry
With over 1300 members and representing over 30,000 horses, the American Haflinger Registry (AHR) is the only Haflinger Registry in North America. AHR is a democratic member owned and directed nonprofit business dedicated to providing accurate documentation of Haflinger pedigrees. Communication with members is an area that AHR places as a top priority. The flagship of this effort is our magazine, Haflinger Horse.

Haflinger Horse Advertising Rates & Sizes
Discounts available with the purchase of multiple issue packages. Please contact us for more information.
New for 2018! All members save 10% off advertising rates! Make the most out of your membership and take advantage of your discount today!

$450 – Back cover (full color)
$435 – Inside front cover (full color) $435 – Inside back cover (full color)
$425 – Full page (full color) $125 – Full page (B & W)
$300 – 3/4 page (full color) $105 – 3/4 page (B & W)
$225 – Half page (full color) $75 – Half page (B & W)
$45 – 1/4 page (B & W) $25 – 1/8 page/business card (B & W)
$15 – “We Love Haflingers” listing

Full page – 8.5″ x 11″ (1/8″ bleeds)
3/4 page – 4.75″ wide x 10″ high
Half Page – 7.5″ x 4.75″
Quarter Page – 3.5″ wide x 4.75″ high

More Information
To reserve your ad or for more information, please contact Layout and design assistance is available upon request.

Issue Deadlines
Winter (mailed February): Ad space reserved by December 15th, artwork due January 1st
     Stallion Issue
Spring (mailed May): Ad space reserved by March 15th, artwork due April 1st
Summer (mailed August): Ad space reserved by June 15th, artwork due July 1st
Fall (mailed November): Ad space reserved by September 15th, artwork due October 1st