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Application for Registration

The Application for Registration should be completed when registering a new foal. Remember, every foal must be registered WITHIN the year of its birth. If born in 2019, the foal must be registered prior to 12/31/19, not prior to its first calendar birthday. All foals must be out of registered mares and stallions 3 years old or older at the time of breeding (January 1 universal birth date). The owner of the mare at the time of foaling is responsible for completing the original registration of the foal, postmarked no later than December 31 to avoid penalty.

Change in procedure for DNA Testing, effective January, 2020! Send a completed application for registration, including stallion breeder’s certificate and photo of the foal with a completed written description including color and markings of animal to the office. The office will respond with an application including the ID number for submitting hair for DNA testing to UC Davis. It is the owner’s responsibility to collect and mail hair samples to UC Davis lab.

Select a name for your new foal, following the naming procedure of using the first letter of the sire’s name if a colt or the first letter of the dam’s name if a filly. Add your farm suffix if you wish. The complete name should add up to no more than 26 letters and spaces. If you do not use a suffix, give a second choice of name as no duplicates are allowed.

You must include clear, close-up, color photo showing all facial markings (including lips and muzzle) and additional photos if there is white on legs or body. Additionally, you must complete the drawing on page 2 of the Application, including any snip or white on lower lip. Be especially careful of white leg markings. (The skin under white hair is pink which shows better when legs are wet.) White markings shall be indicated on both the drawings & described in words on back. Include on back, description and placement of tattoos, hot & freeze brands and implants (include numbers).

Do not forget to submit your Breeding Certificate and Gelding Certificate, if appropriate.

Registering your horses is now easier than ever on our DigitalHorses portal!

Prefer to mail yours in? Click here to download the printable version!