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Application for Stallion License

A Stallion License Application must be completed prior to the issuing of a stallion license. This form is returned to the AHR office–it is not sent in with the DNA sample. Note that the top half is completed by the stallion owner, and the bottom half is completed by the veterinarian examining the stallion. Stallions must be two years old prior to the examination. All stallions used for breeding must be DNA tested and examined in order to be licensed. Have your vet examine the horse and complete the bottom portion of the Stallion License Application. Return the Stallion License Application to the AHR office. Pull the hair and attach it to the DNA form and send it to the AHR Office as instructed on the form. When the results of the DNA testing are returned from the lab, a license will be issued and sent to you. If you have had your stallion licensed in either HAA or HRNA and his vet inspection is on file at the AHR office, you do not have to have another vet inspection. However, if your stallion has not been DNA tested, this must be accomplished prior to registering foals for 2004 and beyond.

Stallion must be at least 2 years old when application is made.
Stallion cannot be used for breeding until after January 1st of his three year old year

Member Cost: Non Member Cost:
$35.00 DNA Typing $75 DNA Typing
$300.00 License Fee $450 License Fee

You may download an application here and mail it in with a check. You may also submit your form and payment online below, but please note that you must upload a scan or picture of the the Veterinarian’s Report and signature.

*Please note that a small amount is added to all online transactions to cover the cost of PayPal fees.

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