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Certificate of Breeding

The following is to be completed when a purebred Haflinger mare is bred to an AHR licensed Haflinger stallion. A breeding certificate must accompany each foal registration, even when you own the foal’s sire. The form must accompany the Application for Registration OR an Application for Transfer if a bred mare is sold.

You may download the Certificate of Breeding here, or submit online below. Please note that if you do not own stallion, you must upload a scan or photo of the stallion owner’s signature on the form.

This is to certify that on:*
the purebred Haflinger mare named *
with AHR Registration Number*
was bred to the purebred Haflinger stallion*
with the AHR Registration Number*
and AHR License Number*
Was the mare Artificially Inseminated?*
Was the semen Transported from where it was collected to another location?*
Was Frozen semen used?*
Stallion Owner
Please upload a scan or picture of stallion owner's signature on printed form:
Mare Owner
Signature: (Please enter full name in all caps as your electronic signature)
Verify You're Human: