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DNA Testing

DNA testing is required for all presently licensed Stallions still alive and breeding, all Stallions being newly licensed for breeding, and all breeding mares. All overage registrations. Foals applying for registration as follows: all fillies, all shipped semen AI foals (except geldings unless the result of frozen semen) and any other horses regardless of sex or age that owners choose to DNA voluntarily. Haflingers being presented for Inspection & Classification (I&C) must be DNA tested and a copy of the DNA test results sent with their I&C application form prior to the inspection.

DNA forms cannot be printed on-line. They must be prepaid as that is how the testing fee is paid. You may order your forms below, or you may order by sending payment to the AHR office.
*Please note, a small amount is added to all online orders to cover Paypal fees.

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