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Application for Lease

This form should be completed when leasing a horse for the purpose of showing or when leasing a mare for the purpose of breeding.

It is the Owner’s Responsibility to forward the Application for Registration of Lease and Fee To the American Haflinger Registry within 30 days of the date of lease.

The recording fee is $20.00 per lease for AHR members, $100.00 per lease for non AHR member (U.S. Funds) for each horse and must be submitted with the Application for Registration of Lease. Make the check or money order payable to the American Haflinger Registry. There is a penalty of an additional $25.00 if the application is received more than 90 days after the recorded date of lease.

If you’d prefer to mail your form with a check, you may download the form here. You may also submit the Application for Lease below and pay via PayPal.

*Please note that a small amount is added to all online transactions to cover the cost of PayPal fees

I (We) leased or loaned the following Haflinger *
Horse's Name:*
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Leasee Name:*
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Under the following conditions:*
Owner Name:*
Owner Address:*
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Lease Recording Fee:*
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