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Application for Transfer

This form should be returned to the registry by buyer or seller within 30 days of a sale. The Original Pedigree and a check for the appropriate fee must be included. If the transfer is for a licensed stallion, the original stallion license should be included as well. This form and the original pedigree must be submitted in order to get the new owner’s name added to the back of the original pedigree. Do not sign the back of the pedigree. The seller of a registered Haflinger is encouraged to complete the transfer to ensure the ownership passes to the new owner (after you have been paid).

PLEASE NOTE! This form must be fully filled out with buyer and seller information, the date of the sale, and seller signature. A blank form signed by seller is not allowed.

Transferring your horses is now easier than ever on our DigitalHorses portal!

Prefer to mail yours in? Click here to download the printable version!