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Gelding Certificate

This form must be submitted to the AHR office along with the original pedigree when a horse is gelded. A new pedigree will be created and returned to the owner. There is no charge for this update.

Because the original pedigree must be returned with the Gelding Certificate, please download the form here, and mail with payment.

If you are submitting this for an unregistered foal, you may use the online submission below in addition to submitting the Application for Registration. Please note that you must still print the form to obtain the signature of the person performing the surgery, and attach signature as a scan or photo.

Please check if:
On this date:*
the foal born on *
out of the mare named:*
was gelded.
Owner's Name:*
Owner's Signature:*
Please type your name in all caps as your electronic signature.
Upload a scan or picture of certificate signature of person performing the surgery:*
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