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Stallion Service Auction Regulations

2017 AHR Stallion Showcase & Service Auction

The stallion services will be sold on stallions who have met their reserve bids during the stallion service auction.

Stallion Service Auction Regulations

“Stallion Owner’s Obligation”

  • The sale of a service fee entitles the mare owner to a service fee for the season of 2016, 2017, or choice of season, depending on what individual stallion owner has noted in Stallion Book and announced.
  • If, by chance, the stallion owner sells the stallion before fulfilling the obligations to the mare owner, the stallion owner is responsible for paying the mare owner back the service fee, with the exception if the obligation transfers to the stallion’s new owner with the mare owner’s agreement. This should be taken into consideration before selling the service and before selling the stallion.
  • Stallion owner’s obligation is fulfilled when the mare is checked “in foal” by veterinarian.
  • Stallion owner is not responsible in case of stallion’s death or infertility to fulfill the obligation.
  • The stallion does not have to be present when selling the service, but it is highly recommended.
  • The sale of the service fee is a donation by the stallion owner to the AHR Futurity, AHRY, General Fund, or a split among them.
  • $150.00 of the $200.00 entry fee is refunded when the stallion’s service fee is sold.
  • Stallion owner may bid on his stallion’s service. If he buys the service, he is responsible for signing the buyer’s slip and paying the full bid price to the American Haflinger Registry.
  • If selling a service, 2016/2017 mare care rates and current stud fee must be stated.
  • Stallion owners must indicate if collection and shipping charges are waived, or if only the stallion service fee is waived.

“Mare Owners Obligation”

  • On purchase of a service fee, the mare owner is responsible for signing the buyer’s slip and paying the full bid price to the American Haflinger Registry.
  • The mare owner is required to pay the mare care rates, collection fees, and/or semen shipping fees as stated by the stallion owner at the auction.
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