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Stallion Showcase and Service Auction Details

2017 AHR Stallion Showcase and Service Auction

Stallion Showcase/Parade: Friday evening (following sale preview). Time TBA. Includes presentation of stallions at liberty and/or under saddle/in harness/in hand. Reception for public sponsored by stallion owners will take place before and during showcase. Stallion owners need to provide their own music and write-up about their stallions.

Meet and Greet Stallions/Stallion Owners: Join stallion owners in stallion barn(s) for coffee and donuts on Saturday morning the hour before the sale starts to learn more about their stallions and what they have to offer regarding breeding services, offspring for sale, etc.

Stallion Service Auction: Saturday morning after geldings/stallions sell/before mares sell. Stallion owners are encouraged to donate a breeding. Those that do will present their horses during the Stallion Service Auction to auction off a service if the reserve/minimum bid has been met.


Stallion owners not donating a breeding will not be advertised through the online auction. The online auction (see below) will run until 9:00am on Saturday May 20, 2017. Bidders with high bids will need to call in during the Stallion Service Auction if they wish to continue bidding after that time. Stallions do not have to be present the day of the sale to participate in the online service auction, so stallion owners who live too far away to travel who are interested in donating a service may still submit the application form with payment to participate in the online auction. Attendees will be able to bid online up until 9am the day of the sale, and to bid at the booth until the Stallion Service Auction begins. Those stallions that meet their reserve/minimum bid by the time the stallion/gelding sale ends will have the opportunity to be presented through the Stallion Service Auction before the mares sell.

The Benefits for stallion owners participating include:

  • Horse stall and tack stall for the weekend
  • Page in the Stallion Parade Book, which is now included in the Sale Catalog so that it reaches more people
  • Presentation of your stallion at the Stallion Showcase Friday evening
  • Presentation of your stallion in hand, under saddle or in harness Saturday morning during the Stallion Service Auction
  • NEW! Online advertising through December 2017 that includes photos, video, and information, as well as a link to your webpage or Facebook page (for stallions donating a breeding in the Stallion Service Auction)
  • NEW! Online Stallion Service Auction. Minimum bid to be set by individual stallion owners for their stallion
  • NEW! Online advertising through Facebook, in addition to the AHR website
  • NEW! Advertising in the AHR magazine with a page that lists stallions participating in the Stallion Showcase/Stallion Service Auction, with information posted about the auction and the website link (for all stallions)

People will be able to bid online until 9:00am on Saturday May 20, 2017. People who have bid online will need to call in to the auction if they want to continue bidding after that point. If online bids exceed the amount of the reserve/minimum bid set by the stallion owner, the current bid will be announced before each stallion service is auctioned off.

Stallion owners please be sure to:

  • Provide music to be played during their stallion’s presentation
  • Provide write up to be read during their stallion’s presentation during the Stallion Showcase/Parade and Stallion Service Auction
  • Decorate your stall area and bring flyers, brochures, etc. about your stallion. (Be sure to bring your own table to lay out materials as tables will not be provided.)
    PLEASE NOTE: Stallion owners are to decorate/set up their displays in front of their stall area only. The front of the stallion barn(s) will NOT be available for individual farms to set up their displays. The Stallion Parade Committee will decorate/set up display for stallions in front of the stallion barn(s) as a whole (not individual stallions).

  • Please be in your stall area the hour before the sale on Saturday morning to meet and greet spectators interested in learning more about your stallion, breeding program, offspring for sale, etc.
  • Contact Mary Procopio by phone at 517 410 8000 if you are interested in participating in the Stallion Showcase/Stallion Service Auction and let her know if you have a barn preference if two barns are needed (Draft Horse Barn or Draft Pony Barn)
  • Mail application form to AHR office for the Stallion Parade Catalog, including a photo, or submit online.
  • Contact Jessica Hanney directly (phone: 517 974 7247; email: ) with additional information for the Online Stallion Service Auction with links to your website, Facebook page, etc. Jessica is able to make a page for stallion owners who do not have a website for a nominal fee.

Click here to download a printable version of this information and enroll your stallion.

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