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What is the purpose of the stallion breeding report?

For the AHR office, it helps to verify if a mare was covered by more than one stallion. In the 2004 stallion reports submitted to date, a total of 14 mares were bred by different stallions on different heat cycles, and two mares were bred by different stallions on the same heat cycle. However, we are still missing many stallion reports – not only from 2004 but also from 2003.

In the past, there have been a high percentage of incomplete or incorrect
stallion reports and breeding certificates submitted, and many stallion owners failed to file a stallion report, creating extra work for our office staff. This program should significantly reduce errors and increase reporting.

The stallion breeding report is a benefit to stallion owners. It is a good tool for stallion owners to use in analyzing the breeding season, and it will be especially be helpful for those standing more than one stallion. Our new stallion breeding report forms even have an extra copy for participants in the SIP or Hoosier Sire Program to use.