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Why are there no more sales reports?

Question: Why, why, a hundred times why are there no more sales reports? That was one of the highlights of the magazine. In the member surveys there were only two that didn’t want sales reports. Did you ever consider that the sales reports could help market our Haflingers better for the new buyers or even the regular buyers? If there are no sales reports, how in the world are we supposed to know what the market is doing? I think you should get the members to vote yes or no on that before you take it out of the magazine. There are a lot of people unhappy about no sales reports. Please reconsider. Did you ever consider just putting the lot number, horse’s name, and price? We don’t have to know who sold or bought the horse. What we are selling is the horse, not the people. I wish the Board of Directors would think about this. Thank you.

The AHR magazine and website will continue to publish sale highlights (averages and high sellers) on a routine basis. The decision to no longer publish all AHR sales results in the magazine or on the website was supported by unanimous BOD decision.

Full AHR sales results continue to be available from the AHR office at member request with a charge associated with providing the results. They are available at the sale itself for the attendees to purchase at printing cost without the additional charge for postage or office staff time.

Sales are solely supported by the attendees and the volunteers who run it, with revenues from those horse sales, the AHR promotional booth and store, the fun auction, tack auction, etc. going directly to the general operational fund of the registry. Many people travel long distances to help make a sale successful for the benefit of the registry, and many donate goods and services as well. There is considerable commitment in time and resources to attend a sale, and even more to consign or buy a horse at a sale. These dedicated members who attend make a sale successful and improve the market for all sellers and buyers. Members who are interested in following sales results without being in attendance at the sale should be willing to pay a little extra for the published sales results thus supporting the sale long distance.

Routine publication of sales results can be misused by many people as one gauge of the market resulting in sales prices becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy. This can create the illusion that all Haflingers are of similar value, whether high or low, thereby potentially harming private sales as well as the future of Haflinger auctions.

Publishing sales results involves considerable printing, paper, and space in the magazine, which can be better used for breed promotion and education in other ways. Publishing sales results on the web freely advertises deflated prices to the general public.

The BOD decision continues to make available full sales results to those individuals most interested and motivated in seeing them. Better yet, those individuals can benefit sales directly by their attendance and volunteer support, not just through the dollars spent to purchase the sales results.