The American Haflinger Registry is a democratic member-owned association dedicated to providing timely and accurate documentation of Haflinger pedigrees and ownership, as well as promoting the Haflinger breed through the sponsorship of shows, sales, advertising and our voluntary classification program.

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Join over 11,000 North American Haflinger owners in their promotion, support, and enthusiasm for this breed! Members receive reduced rates on Registry transactions, Haflinger Horse Bits newsletters and Haflinger Horse Yearbook, eligibility AHR programs, and more.

Why Haflingers?

the perfect family horse
willing and forgiving temperament
athleticism and strength for all disciplines
trainability, heart, and desire to please
unique golden coloring with long ivory mane and tail

Search the pedigree database, progeny reports, ownership history, and more, all on our DigitalHorses platform.
Explore regional clubs and associations, find nearby owners and breeders, view members’ classified ads and more, all on our expanded Connect with Haflingers page.
From performance awards to recreation milestones, AHR offers recognition for our members’ and their Haflingers’ accomplishments! Enroll, submit hours and points, and track progress here.

Latest News

2021 Calendar Contest

2021 Calendar Contest

We want YOUR submissions for the 2021 AHR Wall Calendar! Photos must be of an AHR registered Haflinger, and submitted by a current member.  If you’d like to submit your […]...
AHR Futurity 2020 Update

AHR Futurity 2020 Update

Dear American Haflinger Registry Members, The AHR Board has made the difficult decision to cancel the 2020 AHR Futurity. At the June 10, 2020 AHR board meeting the Board cancelled the 2020 National Showcase event....
COVID-19 Impact on AHR

COVID-19 Impact on AHR

The Board of Directors decided at its June 10th meeting that because of the COVID-19 pandemic and the uncertainty of the future with respect to restrictions on large gathering events that it would not be possible to hold our National Showcase Event i...

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