Golden Path Progress

Milestones: 25, 50, 100, 200, 500, 750, 1000, 1500, 2000, 2500, 3000, 3500, 4000, and 5000 hours

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Horses with hours submitted in 2020 were automatically re-enrolled for 2021. Horses shaded in gray were not enrolled or had zero hours in 2020 and need to enroll. For changes of ownership, simply fill out a new enrollment form.

Last updated 11/29/21 at 2:50pm ET.

Total HoursHorseOwnerMilestonesDate of last submission
773.77A Windy Rozene MHSKarrin R. Rebecca750 Hours1/30/21
55.92Aftershock MJWJacquelyn Woodward50 Hours1/29/21
18.00AlexioSuzanne and Joe Vlietstra7/30/2020
267.12Alf TCCynthia Bates200 Hours1/31/21
84.50Amazing Gold MMHWoodward, Jacque50 Hours10/28/21
1486.50American Eagle GACarol Anne Carpenter1000 Hours1/18/21
590.10Anastasia of KHAJessica Hanney500 Hours11/1/21
Andrit NTFJena Rondinelli
3Anheiser's AxleJacquelyn Woodward9/10/21
225.25Apollo of Cedar LaneAmy Wallace200 Hours7/1/21
267.12Archie TCCynthia Bates200 Hours1/31/21
74.75Authentic Rock MJWJacquelyn Woodward50 Hours10/28/21
430.85Autobahn of GenesisJessica Hanney200 Hours11/1/21
179.72Aztec RERay Mansur100 Hours1/14/21
128Balladeer WRRLaura Afana100 Hours1/14/21
413.00Barbara MDHHaylee Kemper200 Hours11/20/20
12.5Benji MOFCarolyn Gilmore1/31/21
14.5Brandy BHFJacque Woodward1/29/21
1.00Darcee SHBethany Newman
30Entering Miss Penelope HOFAnne-Laure Boyd25 Hours2/3/21
28Faith by Fire DAFAnne-Laure Boyd25 Hours2/3/21
30Haley TOFAnne-Laure Boy25 Hours2/3/21
30.75Hope of RKFHElizabeth Green25 Hours5/5/21
4Kruise Morning Star WENFHAmy and Jessica Hanney11/1/21
1431La-Fonda Gold MMHPatterson-Cini, Peggy1000 Hours1/13/21
61.50Lillia Von ManngoldMcMaster, Diana K50 Hours
27Limited Edition of GenesisAnne-Laure Boyd25 Hours2/3/21
Loyal Lisa DCHJulie Blair
237.99Major's Amigo KHRay & Diane Mansur200 Hours1/10/21
17.75Makia REPem Buck
1406.61Mandolin HBRJanilyn Kooy1000 Hours1/29/21
114.49ManfredDiane Mansur100 Hours1/10/21
150.00Mary Lou GHHFRhonda Gould100 Hours1/31/21
263.25Merino MMHDiane K McMaster200 Hours1/18/21
11Mia HFBJacquelyn Woodward10/22/2020
90Mitzi MOFCarolyn Gilmore50 Hours1/31/21
7Mitzie's Sunday Song WRRCarolyn Gilmore1/31/21
28.00Mitzi's Mandolyn WRRCarolyn Gilmore25 Hours3/18/2020
830MT Aztec GoldTracy DiSabato-Aust750 Hours1/16/21
162.25Nasser JCHElizabeth Crawford100 Hours6/17/21
1127.56Neon Fire HISRay Mansur1000 Hours1/15/21
815.75New Champion ODARay Mansur750 Hours1/10/21
3322.05Nifty Nevie GRSAmy Wallace3000 Hours6/30/21
27.25NT Chief HBAKaren Donn Cowan25 Hours9/29/21
211.08Nu Deal MIDSuzanne Woertz200 Hours11/1/21
176.00Nutty Buddy LCHRhonda Gould100 Hours1/31/21
387.00Patsy of MaidenviewCathy Omann200 Hours2/4/21
60PIM's Haiku VHHCheri King50 Hours9/19/21
347.50Q-Tip BW6Ann Cook200 Hours
2.0Reveillon TOFCarol Sefchek7/26/21
51SinnaJacquelyn Woodward50 Hours10/22/20
15Skipper CAHTy Woodward9/10/21
111.00Stardust BSHDebbie Jackson100 Hours1/7/21
44.5Status Quo of GenesisAnne-Laure Boyd25 Hours2/3/21
207.50Stu Sable JHMores, Nancy200 Hours1/26/21
14.50Walter TLFKathryn McNaughton
595.00Warrior ClassicTim Beal500 Hours4/13/2020
81Waylon ClarkTiffany Baker50 Hours11/17/21
92.09Whiskey River 2SHElain Pitts50 Hours12/28/20
774.00Wilman S-SNKathleen Beal750 Hours4/13/2020
730Wiz Bang LMPTracy DiSabato-Aust500 Hours1/16/21
588.50A Blizzard HCACandiss Hunsicker500 Hours
10.00A Lot of Mulan AHRHTony Matheny
120.00A Perfect Reflection MHSBob McMillan100 Hours
30.42A Tinity MHSLinda Parsons25 Hours
60.50Abalon BWSSuzanne Morisse50 Hours
35.00Absolut WDFDebbie Poston25 Hours
109.00Absolutely Alert MO-VA-HAFDiSabato-Aust, Tracy100 Hours
30.31Acai TMAMadison Arnold25 Hours
215.00Ada AnemoneJanet Milo200 Hours
436.00Adean SNARachel Larsen200 Hours
87.00Admiral S-SNRemley, Erin Beth50 Hours
931.71AdmirerDana Mitteer750 Hours
11.50Ahmay Jour of ShowneDana Mitteer
11.25Ahmay Ore of ShowmeDana Mitteer
5.00Alamina AFHBrian Mitteer
10.25All Charm PGFWoodward, Jacque
10.00Alpine Rock MJWWoodward, Jacque
174.00Al's Arrow DAHRJulia McGonnell100 Hours
8.00Amber Jack TMHFLisa Matheny
4.50Amedee MHSRobert McMillan
764.00American Express FAHJordan Lane750 Hours
145.50Ameriprize of ShowmeDana Mitteer100 Hours
1770.00Anchor ManLeslie King1500 Hours
77.30Antonio Rose of Lilac FarmKatelyn Bergey50 Hours
91.25Armani KCHLinda Parsons50 Hours
275.50A-Star HHHDVictoria Beelik200 Hours
0.00Astounding Thunder MHSLinda Parsons
20.00Attention to Detail of GenesisSuzanne Morisse
0.00Aurelia of GenesisJoanne Stephens
0.75Avalanche Style EMSTeresa Jump
117.20Axel Foley KCHSydney Kerr100 Hours
114.50Baccar NTFMaureen Morlang100 Hours
0.00Bailey TOFKimberly Phillips
91.50Baylee Cream of ShowmeDana Mitteer50 Hours
115.00Berkshire's Tradition HNMHTroi Harrell100 Hours
6.75Bethany's Beauty PADana Mitteer
143.50Bombsehll of GenesisHeather Guarnera100 Hours
372.50Bonita Rox PABrian Mitteer200 Hours
163.25Bonnie Brie of ShowmeDana Mitteer100 Hours
123.00Cahinnio KKate Mas100 Hours
14.00Cha Lie-A-StarSaige Matheny
387.68Charming Rose LRSPem Buck200 Hours
408.75Cheri Lynn Rose CEHHanney, Amy200 Hours
5.00China Girl DTHSamuel Whelen
63.98Cocoa ChanelErin Wilson50 Hours
110.50Crista CEHDana Mitteer100 Hours
1.50Crystal of Excellence YRFAmy Hanney
8.00Demeter WulfMike Hanson
9.00Emadora HOFBrian and Dana Mitteer
14.00Fancee Fraulein WGFDixie LaFountain
62.00Fleesha CHATwila Herot50 Hours
78.42Flower MMHLinda Parsons50 Hours
16.25Fransisca GVSMitteer, Brian
97.58GirlieJohn Zajicek50 Hours
125.17Grace’s Irish Lass DNHFStephanie Wilson100 Hours
688.00Heart-A-Gold PAJane Kristersson500 Hours
267.50Jennifer NKAMarilyn Ulicny200 Hours
48.92Kit Kat BarLynn Bailey25 Hours
365.73La Belle HSHPamela Corey200 Hours
23.08Lacey's Lauralei CBFStacy Laws
30.50Lade Da BRHJames/Melinda Ingalls25 Hours
176.50Lady AphesianJuli McGonnell100 Hours
3.00Lasting Legacy MJWJacquelyn Woodward
468.50Lexi MDHJuli McGonnell200 Hours
3.20Lexi's Lil Lady HCPHCarol Scott
20.50Lilac CVACynthia Bates
36.50Lily O'Brien of ShowmeBrian Mitteer25 Hours
412.00Lizzy FAFHBarbara Edwards200 Hours
33.75Luann DARHDana Mitteer25 Hours
56.07Lucky Lightning MHSKarrin Rebecca50 Hours
114.75Luscious Lily MMSBrian Mitteer100 Hours
895.75M an M CRHFSydnee Lane750 Hours
277.43Magical Lights WRFLydia Ingalls200 Hours
570.25Major Cory's Cliff SUNRAValerie Blethen500 Hours
1601.75Mariko FLHMarjorie Pucket1500 Hours
97.00MaripositaStephanie Wilson50 Hours
152.75Marone's Mack RWFMaryann Hagan100 Hours
330.61Maty TCFHilary DeAngelis200 Hours
43.00Maximum Exposure YESWendy Soucy25 Hours
33.83Megan BAHDarcy Fudge & Rob Kamal25 Hours
53.75Melvis RDPHaas, Megan50 Hours
1045.13M-Erik Van Den HorseHaleigh Gantner1000 Hours
305.75Mia Lisa TOFRichards, Judy200 Hours
123.62Mirabella MistDiane Zajicek100 Hours
1012.75Miss America TMATwila Herot1000 Hours
7.00Miss Bluegrass MHSLinda Parsons
1008.00Miss Couture MLFJordan Lane1000 Hours
78.92Miss June BugDiane Zajicek50 Hours
5.58Mister Mawby SVRebecca Kuc
12.00ML MaximusEllie Harmon
382.50Moonwalker of SSHKatherine Culbert200 Hours
52.83Moritz HAShannon Cain50 Hours
50.67Morning Star BAKPaula Hall50 Hours
257.50Mountain Gold MVRLisa Pepper200 Hours
73.75Mr. Tee BAHJohn Zajicek50 Hours
6.00Mr. Tomy Haflinger MUDMike Hanson
224.00Murphy PRHFDani Kemper200 Hours
49.25Nacho New of ShowmeBrian and Dana Mitteer25 Hours
49.00Nadal New of ShowmeBrian Mitteer25 Hours
131.75Nascar's Noble NateSharon Coon100 Hours
158.52New LevelCarol Ilacqua100 Hours
65.50Nice and Big LVHEmma Kane50 Hours
58.00Nickie Dickie of ShowmeDana Mitteer50 Hours
55.00Nick's Condena/Cntry RdMaryann Hagan50 Hours
85.00Noah New of ShowmeDana Mitteer50 Hours
130.24Noble Hero RCBCynthia Bates100 Hours
89.17Nordlicht FVHMerle Klopfenstein50 Hours
109.31Radiance of New HorizonsVictoria Morrissey100 Hours
88.00Sabreena Sue CRHFSuzanne Morisse50 Hours
15.50Sassee Saydee of ShowmeBrian Mitteer
2883.75Scharly M&BLaura Huth Afana2500 Hours
85.50Sharon FLHDana Mitteer50 Hours
21.75ShronaDiana DeSpain
40.07Sister Barb LGFChristiane Knight25 Hours
120.00Soba BHFMaureen Morlang100 Hours
24.45Standard of Perfection HOFKatina Wilson
222.00Starnberg MHSBob McMillan200 Hours
95.20Stylish HOFJune Ayers50 Hours
242.50Sunny TLFBeth Britton200 Hours
56.92Sunrise Nell DMFCynthia Bates50 Hours
166.50Syndee New of ShowmeBrian Mitteer100 Hours
171.75Velda WULFJane Kristersson100 Hours
48.00Verena HOFDana Mitteer25 Hours
55.25Victoria PGFDana Mitteer50 Hours
29.75Waltzing Johnny SGHEmma Kane25 Hours
56.33Waltzing Willie BBFJoy Caillouette Bolt50 Hours
414.50Washington S-SNAmy Hanney200 Hours
116.00WetherbyIsabelle Perez100 Hours
482.00Wild Gold MMHSydnee Lane200 Hours
8.13Wil-Von Mikas RVHTara Williamson
69.00WindancerTheresa Leal50 Hours
986.00Winter-Gold MMHJordan Lane750 Hours
558.00Wiston WMLSue Kuzelka500 Hours
8.75Wonder Lady DARHMelissa Downs
306.75WyndsongAnnie Rose Marie Whiteker200 Hours

*Beginning in 2016, horses previously enrolled with multiple riders or drivers will have their hours combined.

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