Our Purpose

The purpose of the American Haflinger Registry shall be:
to collect, record and preserve the pedigrees and changes of ownership of Haflinger horses in North America,
to maintain a Stud Book and registry
to promote and support only one United States Haflinger Registry
to stimulate and regulate any and all other matters such as may pertain to the history, breeding, education, exhibition, publicity, sale, or improvement of this breed.

Board Members & Contacts

Directors At-Large

Robert Eicher (2024)

(419) 566-7930
[email protected]

Chuck Hendershot (2022)

1st Vice President
(703) 915-9006
[email protected]

Doug Hoskins (2024)

(606) 248-1245
[email protected]

Joey Lysinger (2024)

(816) 405-4218
[email protected]

Erwin Slabaugh (2024)

(440) 487-7940
[email protected]

Glenn Yoder (2021)

2nd Vice President
(574) 646-3225
[email protected]

Regional Directors

Brian Mitteer (2024)

(607) 423-4616
[email protected]

Kathie Hanson (2023)

(218) 666-5924
[email protected]

Tara Williamson (2022)

East Central
(740) 398-8867
[email protected]

Anne-Laure Boyd (2023)

(916) 225-5375
[email protected]

Committee Chairs

Inspection & Classification
Kathie Hanson & Erwin Slabaugh

Erwin Slabaugh

John Dunkel

Brian Mitteer

National Show
Tara Williamson

Kathie Hanson & Glenn Yoder

Tara Williamson

Robert Eicher & Anne-Laure Boyd

Robert Eicher


Get in Touch!

For questions and/or comments…

to the AHR President
[email protected]

to the AHR Board of Directors
[email protected]

regarding AHR finances
[email protected]

about memberships and/or benefits
[email protected]

about youth memberships and/or benefits
[email protected]

about paperwork transactions (i.e., registrations, transfers, stallion licenses, DNA, etc.)
[email protected]

submissions to Haflinger Horse Bits
[email protected]

submissions to Haflinger Horse
[email protected]

regarding general information
[email protected]

regarding promotional events
[email protected]

regarding the futurity
[email protected]

regarding points and awards programs
[email protected]

regarding inspections and classifications
[email protected]



World Haflinger Breeding and Sports Federation


United States Equestrian Federation


United States Dressage Federation


National Dressage Pony Cup


Haflinger Championship Challenge


Haflinger and Hitch Pony Championship Series

Vendor Partners

Tribute Equine Nutrition Partner’s Program

Tribute will contribute back to AHR $.25 for each bag proof of purchase and $10 for each ton of bulk feed! Simply send in your original proof of purchase or bulk feed invoices along with this submission form.


American Haflinger Fund

In cooperation with the American Haflinger Registry Youth Program, the American Haflinger Fund has been set up as a 501c(3) Charitable Non-Profit Corporation and is able to accept your tax deductible donations. Your gifts will be acknowledged by receipt for your records. Our goals include maintaining an on-going scholarship fund for young people involved with the Haflinger breed, and the establishment of a building fund with the prospect of owning a building which would house a Haflinger Museum and the American Haflinger Registry Office. Make checks payable to the “American Haflinger Fund” and mail to PO Box 124, Fredericktown OH 43019. For further information, contact the American Haflinger Registry.


Thank you to the following supporters of the American Haflinger Fund:

The David Wilson Family
The Gladys Donovan Estate
Brian & Dana Mitteer
The Paul & Carolyn Sutton Family
Donald R. Sommer
Rocky & Cynthia Bates
Andrew & Linda Yoder
Mary Goss


American Haflinger Registry

PO Box 124
16402 Village Parkway
Fredericktown OH 43019
(330) 784-0000
[email protected]

Office Hours
Monday to Friday 8 am to 4:30 pm EST

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